Saturday, March 17, 2012

Lesson three-- I have loved this weeks course of study. I started off a bit skeptical, I started in Romans and then went back and finished Acts. It seems to me that Paul uses a different style as he write to the Romans and it took me a couple chapters to settle in to the rhythm and start pulling out doctrines. But as I worked my into Romans 5 and then 8 and 10 and then 12, oh my goodness, I just kept finding doctrine after doctrine that I made notes of. By the end of Romans, Paul seems to be giving so much loving advice. He seems to know that his missionary days might be limited so he gives them the real meat of the Gospel and almost pleads with them to open their hearts and love one another and don't judge and live peaceably with one another.The end of Acts reads like a great adventure novel as Paul makes his way to Rome. I love his testimony before King Agrippa. Too bad that Agrippa was only "almost" convinced. At first thought, we might regret that Paul had already asked to take his case to Ceasar, but Paul had a mission to perform and in being shipped off to Roman, he did so much good. .

We had a great discussion on our small group meeting regarding letting go of the old Law and embracing our covenants, about being more spiritually minded.We seem to be a very diverse group, but the Gospel in general and the New Testament, specifically have brought us to a common ground.

I've had a busy week with Music festival at which I judge and in which my own children participated. Interestingly, when I put in the time needed to prepare for this class, other activites fall into place. I even got my book club book read. I hadn't figured that would work out. My goal continues to be to stay about a day ahead in all my assignments so that I can not feel rushed, but have time to ponder the assignments and let the thoughts and ideas flow.

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