Saturday, March 24, 2012

Lesson 4 Reflection Journal

Once again, I delight in getting to know Paul better. His letters are like journal entries, giving us a peek into his soul. He was very straightforward, and very compassionate. He told it the way he saw it, and pleaded with the Saints to continue to be faithful.

There must have been some petty dissensions arising within some of the "wards" and "branches". He gave specific instructions on how to bring peace and harmony and love into a congregation. In addition, perhaps some of the new converts might have been struggling a bit, finding their rhythm in this new lifestyle, and maybe even feeling a bit judged by the "old-timers". Paul addressed this concern--be mindful of the newness of the Gospel in these persons lives. Remember that it was new to you at one time. Let the unimportant things go and be an example and always, always, always fellowship.

I'm grateful for the Priesthood and for the teaching activity that encouraged me to look more deeply at the goodness of Melchizedek. I remember when Frank was called as a High Priest. He didn't think he was "old" enough and was a bit resistant. But his father flew out from Maryland to ordain him and showed him scriptures regarding the privilege of the calling of High Priest. It was a wonderful day, and weekend, actually.

I think that my goal will continue to be to stay a day or so ahead in my study. I love when I have the time to ponder the reading assignment, make notes, and then ponder the different questions with each section. If I just blast through, I will miss receiving personal revelation, and will be just "reading" not learning.

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